By Ari Curtis


I'm a Brooklyn-based writer and designer. My writing generally explores the way media and culture interact with our lived experiences—for instance, the intersections of "reality" and realityrace and gender, and movements and the media that covers them. You can find my work below.

Where I Write

Least Desirable

Least Desirable is a blend of personal experiences and cultural observations that explores dating and relationships in the modern world. This blog was featured by NPR Morning Edition.


Token is a weekly newsletter that celebrates the work and worth of women of color. I produce it with my dear friend Natalie Chang. Subscribe here.

The comments

The Comments features essays about life, pop culture, politics, media, and the intersections among them all. It's accompanied by a weekly-ish newsletter you can subscribe to here.

about me

Photo by Dante Meick.

Photo by Dante Meick.


I write to reach people. Instagram is my favorite social media platform. I'm from Colorado, but Brooklyn feels like home. Pizza is my weakness.